the fact that they are not / insisted / reveal something [Art and Objecthood]

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Troy Gronsdahl, the fact that they are not / insisted / reveal something [Art and Objecthood]

42 letterpress sheets, cloth-bound hardcover case with metallic foil print


As part of an ongoing series of text-based works, I have transformed historically significant texts about art through a process of remediation to create new forms. Stripping the source material of its semantic integrity, my texts are deliberately ambiguous, contradictory, and indeterminate. I aim to challenge the primacy of the text while pointing to the contingency of knowledge through artistic play.

Using a subjective method based on free association and the rhythm of language, I select phrases and words from the source material to create new forms. The unused sections of text are removed to reveal a composition of words and phrases distributed on the page. I strictly adhere to the original word order and do not make further amendments to the the organization of the words. The spaces between are as important as the words themselves; what is removed thus activates the composition and creates a critical resonance integral to the work.