Epic – Heater in My Truck 

Epic - Heater in My Truck

Vinyl Ep | CHR004 2003

Released in anticipation of his upcoming album, Heater In My Truck features that combination of charming wit and socially relevant lyrics we’ve come to expect from Epic. The beats knock dang it — superb production handled by soso and Maki. Conspiracy and Ben.e Elim lend their talents on two songs and Kutdown drops by on a couple of tracks to fucking kill it!


01. Poor People Are Scummy
02. I Only Like Rap
03. Girls f. Ben.e Elim
04. Petty Theft on Da Ave
05. Poor People Are Scummy Inst.
06. Old Guys Are Ready to Ric the Mic Inst.

07. It Ain’t Easy
08. Masses f. Conspiracy
09. It Ain’t Easy Instrumental
10. Petty Theft on Da Ave Instrumental