Epic & Nomad

Epic and Nomad

CD | CHR010 2005

This new full length album features Epic’s off-kilter, slice of life raps with the charming warbling vocals of Belgium’s Homesick Nomad. Maki has put together a great collection of beats for this album, and Epic enlisted the talents of a number of indie rap’s finest. Cam the Wizzard lends his impeccable baritone flow to a couple of tracks, Nomad’s bandmate Siaz drops on a couple tracks, Canadian DMC Champion Dj Brace rips it on a track and soso chips in a beat as well! Cover art provided by the incomparable, Thesis Sahib.


01. hot 2006 mentality
02. another left wing peace song feat. DJ Brace
03. time flows by
04. from canada to belgium with love feat. Cam the Wizzard & Siaz
05. my name is nomad
06. days n times (whats really good)
07. isolation interlude feat. Asthma & Cam the Wizzard
08. i can’t hide feat. Siaz
09. certain radius
10. act on stage