The Framework Series

Troy Gronsdahl, Framework Series

The Framework Series is a conceptually-based performative sculpture. It is assembled by curatorial staff or a designate using an ambiguous sketch for reference and according to the following instructions:

Using the materials provided, compose a framework based on the diagram. Trust your hand. Using a hot, dry iron, remove the creases from a tissue. Drape it over one component of the structure in the most pleasing manner. Feel free to make small adjustments to the structure if it makes sense. It only has to look nice. Place the work in an obtrusive or unobtrusive space in proximity to other works. The framework performs best under flat white light. Spotlights should be avoided whenever practical to do so.

The structures are prone to collapse; if this occurs during the exhibition, the components may lay on the floor. The structure should be reassembled prior to opening each day and documented with photography. The diagram and instructions may be exhibited with the sculptural work.