Tinfoil on the Windows, Norman Records (UK)

Lastly from me before I go out and clatter someone for stealing my (empty) wallet this aft (no joke, a friend got stabbed last night in a mugging too. All go round these parts….) is soso’s latest ‘Tinfoil on the Windows’. This is occasionally more along the lines of Buck 65 with intelligent & poignant lyrical flows over shimmering steel guitar & intermittent big, crashing drums that recall Flaming Lips. One section throws meandering post-rock shapes like Godspeed grimacing at that bloopy android fridge dumped by Grandaddy in 2001. Another is Daniel Johnson-esque rush of regretful “sozzle & strum”. There’s a sparsity & bleakness here that really affects you. The songs are quietly arresting, interspersed with some tender minimalism & experimentalism. I’d say staple these many references together and if yr tits are leaking milk at the prospect then yr obviously ready to embrace Troy Gronsdahl’s melancholy world!