Under New Management, Toronto, ON

Under New Management is a curatorial enterprise by Suzanne Carte-Blanchenot and Su-Ying Lee that makes use of a commercial storefront to engage audiences in an unexpected way. My work is available through the Video Rental program from August 3 – 15, 2010.

From the curators:

Frankly, we’re not just your typical video store. Far from it! In fact, Under New Management is a virtual entertainment funhouse. We have many rare titles and a unique rental policy!

Artist’s videos are offered for rental on an honour-system basis. Have you ever rented a video that you loved, hated or felt compelled to comment on? Pay-what-you-wish as a comment on the value of your experience. What was the video worth? $5, $50, or some other cash amount? Or perhaps cash can’t convey your thoughts. What about a kind note to the artist; a raging letter of criticism; an inspired homage of your own; a plate of home-made baked goods? Rent and watch your selections and make payment in your selected “currency” upon return. All payments will be forwarded to the artists.