Endemik Remote Ensemble: They Fired With Their Lives

The Endemik Remote Ensemble is a long distance collaboration between six experimental hip hop producers: Deadly Stare (Montreal, QC), EMC (Halifax, NS), Hermitofthewoods (Halifax, NS), Maki (Kamloops, BC), sign one (Gahanna, OH) and soso (Saskatoon, SK).  Each composition on this album started with a drum track with additional elements and embellishments added by each successive artist. After each artist made their contributions, the tracks were returned to the original artist to finalize the arrangement. The final product is album of truly unique collaborations that pack a heavy punch.


All songs written and arranged by Deadly Stare, EMC, Hermitofthewoods, Maki, sign one and soso

Mixed by Scott Da Ros
Mastered by Maki
Artwork by Troy Gronsdahl

Track List
1. The Timberline Station Event
2. Yesterday and the Day After
3. Spokes/October
4. Standard Siren
5. Leave Your Drums
6. Water Hemlock

Available for download at : https://endemikmusic.bandcamp.com/album/they-fired-with-their-lives