the generosity of mechanics (is not well documented)

the generosity of mechanics (is not well documented) is a short experimental video that considers notions of vulnerability through an intimate portrayal of a man enduring the physical symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

2008. single channel video. 01m 00s. silent

He put a lot of miles on that truck – making the daily trip from the farm to their restaurant in the city, running all kinds of errands – and that old truck was in desperate need of a wheel alignment.

The steering wheel was jittery; in fact, the damn thing shook like crazy. Harold scheduled an appointment to have the vehicle inspected.

The generosity of mechanics is not well documented, but on this particular occasion, it was determined that a wheel alignment was not necessary. Upon further inquiry it was determined that Harold’s arm would shake when he raised it above the shoulder. The tremors had started; Harold continued to wash cutlery.

* now available through Video Pool