sour suite, Exclaim! (CAN)

Troy Gronsdahl, owner of Saskatoon, SK’s Clothes Horse Records, produces some heartfelt beats and drops concept-heavy but extremely introspective lyrics on Sour Suite, under his alter ego, Soso.

Sour Suite contains six tracks plus instrumentals for two of the songs, and out of all of these the only song that is lacking is “Blessed,” featuring Epic. The intentions are honestly felt on this track dedicated to fathers, but Epic’s “old school” flow doesn’t really gel – or sound old school. Epic may be a great MC – I’m not really sure – but it doesn’t show here. However, Soso’s first and last verses make a good attempt at carrying the song. Park-Like Setting’s John Smith pops by to lay some vocals that compliments Soso’s production and vocals on “Drink” (plus, the fantastic instrumental is included), and “Untitled (Paralysis),” the opening track, rounds out the A-side. The B-side starts off with “Dust,” one of the best instrumentals I’ve heard in a long time, with plenty of flute and woodwind accompaniment. The next track, “Loss,” is a sad suicide song left on an answering machine. The sample-heavy tongue-in-cheek braggadocia of “Swan Song” is up next. The way the beat builds is great. The B-side is completed with the “Loss” instrumental. Seven top quality tracks out of eight isn’t bad, is it?

Thomas Quinlan
December 12th 2000, Exclaim! magazine