Tinfoil on the Windows, Grapeshift (UK)

Soso hails from Saskatchewan in Canada and Tinfoil On The Windows is the first time Grapeshift has heard anything from him. With a direct hook up from Endemik label boss Scott Da Ros we were delivered a dark gem of an album that eschews alt rap, spoken word and country music fuelled by a darkened edge that lisps with insecurity and pondering.

From the haunting sprawling chords of opener Rubber Rings it’s obvious that this album is an introspective work with its long slow building melodies and half sung choruses piercing through the mix.

Soso manages to hit numerous nails on the head throughout the course of Tinfoil making the album vital, intrinsic listening for anyone with a passing interest in human error or creative speech. This album works best when you travel, tired and hungover slowly rolling past incredible architecture with your forehead pressed against a pane of cool misgiving glass.