Tinfoil on the Windows, Sparkplugg (US)

Soso is better than alright; in fact I’d say it’s great. Ambient, pretty, and undulating, the music washes over you like a giant reverb-laden sedative cocktail. In contrast, Tinfoil On the Windows is lyrically blunt and anguished. The vocals are a mixture of singing and talking, at times reminiscent of that “Wear Sunscreen” song from the nineties — but done right (only minimally cheesy). Soso is not afraid to tackle those high notes, however creakily… but this is the type of music where you want a little creak. A little reality. The album is diverse, and the mood changes from fevered to lazily meandering and back again. I like when you can tell that a musical project is someone’s “baby;” their pride and joy. And I think this is one of those projects.