Clothes Horse Records

Clothes Horse Records (CHR) was a small independent record label owned and operated by Troy Gronsdahl, who creates hip hop music under the moniker soso.  Founded in Saskatoon, Canada in 1999, it was active for ten years, releasing fourteen projects in analogue and digital formats.

In its earliest incarnation, the label served as a platform to create, promote and distribute music produced by soso. The first fews releases featured his own projects as well as collaborative albums with Saskatoon-based rapper, Epic. As the label developed, the roster of artists expanded to include artists working across the country with collaborations and solo projects with Recyclone, Epic and Nomad, Thesis Sahib and Nestor Wynrush. 

The label contributed to the development of an emerging prairie hip hop aesthetic and enjoyed modest success with regularly charting albums on Canadian community and college radio, international distribution, and licensed projects with partners in Germany and Japan. Although the label wound down operations following its 2009 release, soso and other artists affiliated with the label continue to perform and release music. 

The following is a list of projects released on Clothes Horse Records. 

soso: sour suite (2000 | LP | CHR001)
Epic: 8:30 in Newfoundland (2001 | CD | CHR002)
soso: birthday songs (2002 | CD | CHR003)
Epic: Heater in My Truck EP (2003 | LP | CHR004)
Epic: Local Only (2004 | CD | CHR005)
soso: The Goose Hunter pt 1 & 2 (2004 | 7” | CHR006)
soso: poor man’s survey (2004 | CD-R | CHR007-LE)
Recyclone: Corroding the Dead World (CD | CHR008))
soso: tenth street and clarence (2005 | CD | CHR009)
Epic and Nomad (2005 | CD | CHR010)
Recyclone & soso: Stagnation and Woe (2006 | CD | CHR011)
Thesis Sahib: Loved Ones (2006 | CD | CHR012)
soso: Bachelors’ Drinking Club (2006 | DVD | CHR013-LE)
Nestor Wynrush: Trinnipeg !78 (2009 | CD | CHR013)