The Goose Hunter part 1 & 2, Dot Alt (UK)

This seems to be a conceptual two-parter, as both halves open with the same sample of clucking geese. soso makes rather minimal instrumentals in a trip-hop vein, and admittedly my head isn’t exactly on that at the moment. Nevertheless, good beats are good beats.

soso’s remind me of early Mummy Fortuna’s / Mechanical Insects productions, the way Cooper would loop something so morose, you couldn’t resist hanging your head and moping.

The Goose Hunter part 1 is a bit like that, but its so quiet and so regular that there isn’t much to sink your teeth into at all. There are some nice bits, like the way the bass come in so selectively. Part 2 is mostly similar but with strings and might be a balalaika, which makes the track feel like it should soundtrack the credits to some Eastern European story of tragic love. Still, a little too normal for my liking.