The Goose Hunter part 1 & 2, Exclaim! (CAN)

For the first single from his upcoming sophomore album, soso opts for a two-part instrumental seven-inch. Both sides of “The Goose Hunter” open with the isolated sound of migrating geese before morphing into mellow, melancholy hip-hop beats.

“Part 1” is stuttered, wacked-out drums and plenty of pianos, with short bursts of saxophone and violin, and a subtle whispering under it all. Fade to the geese. “Part 2” opens once more with the geese before a vocal sample is introduced and soon joined by a plucking guitar, sad strings, and a murky drumbeat. In parts, soso ups the BPM to make a track that would almost be danceable if the drums didn’t fade in and out so often; and no geese to end this time. If this is any indication of his forthcoming full-length, expect a great album of chilled-out hip-hop to lounge and relax to.

Thomas Quinlan, Exclaim! magazine